Don’t Try This At Home

A recent case at R3 Data Recovery Hospital is particularly interesting because it perfectly describes why a customer shouldn’t try any recovery techniques themselves before seeking professional help.

SD Card nand removed

A USB memory stick arrived with us one morning on an emergency service. It was noticed the plastic casing was removed and the printed circuit board visible rattling around in the envelope. All the pieces were carefully removed from the envelope to find the flash chip yanked free from the printed circuit board and stuck to one half of the casing with hot melt glue commonly used in these cheap Chinese devices.

The flash chip had been ripped free and its tiny delicate connections bent out of shape. The heat from soldering processes renders these connections very brittle but luckily we were able to repair it and get a recovery.

This was a lucky case with a good ending but could have been very different story if the flash chip had been more seriously damaged. Before trying anything at home, contact the professionals here at R3 Data Recovery Hospital, our team will be able to give you an on the phone assessment as to what they believe the problem is which should give you an insight into what needs to be done to recover the data from your device.

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