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Data Recovery Services For Toshiba Hard Drives and Laptops

Whatever the problem you are experiencing with your Toshiba hard drive, we’ve got the answer.

At the Data Recovery Hospital, we understand that the sudden and unexpected loss of data can be disastrous for your business.

That’s why we’ve done everything possible to make sure we successfully restore all recoverable files from any broken Toshiba hard disk. Our highly skilled and trained team of data recovery engineers is based in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and we are constantly improving and refining the processes we use to recover missing files.

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Emergency collection

Why might you need to recover data from a Toshiba hard drive?

Whilst Toshiba hard drives are no less resilient than other brands, there are a number of distinctive failure symptoms that make diagnosis easier, resulting in a quicker turnaround for restoring your important data.
Toshiba Hard Drive

  • Mechanical motor failure, while not unique to Toshiba systems, is a commonly recognised problem. The motor can be heard to attempt to spin up, fail, and then repeatedly try again while failing to engage.
  • Toshiba laptop users can often experience a deterioration of performance in their system that gradually worsens until the hard disk fails entirely. This process may occur over a period of days but often the deterioration is far more rapid, lasting only minutes or seconds before the drive gives out completely.
  • A whining sound distinctive to Toshiba laptops has been discovered as the system powers up. Sometimes the sound is too quiet to notice through the laptop casing and sounds of other components, but it is useful for our engineers in allowing them to quickly identity the problem.

Professional Services

If you are unable to access your Toshiba recovery partition to repair or restore settings, or if your computer has suffered either logical or mechanical causes, get in contact to see how we can cure your data loss ills and help you with our expert Toshiba recovery.


I can’t thank R3 Data Recovery enough for recovering all of my irreplaceable photos and client data successfully from a duff Seagate drive. I’m very pleased and would give 11 out of 10 stars for service if I could.

K Marsden

I thought I might have lost a lot of very important data, and after looking for the best people to entrust with my damaged flash drive, I decided to give R3 Data Recovery a call. Right from the start, they were professional and very helpful. They definitely made me feel safe in handing over my data. They were fast but kept me constantly updated with the progress. Any concerns were quickly laid to rest and I’m very happy with the service that R3 Data provided. I would definitely use them should such a thing arise again. Thank you very much for retrieving my data, guys.

Dan Payne

Andy’s advice was greatly appreciated. He resolved the issue I was facing in terms of recovering my data, whilst being clear, understanding and pleasant to talk to. The technical guidance he provided aided me in what could have been disastrous circumstances. I cannot thank him enough.

Joe Hall

*Data Recovery Hospital is a Trading Name of R3 Data Recovery Ltd Since 01/03/2012

Recovering data From All Hard Disk Models Such As..

Toshiba Model LBA for SATA/IDE/SATA II/SERIAL ATA/PATA Laptop / Notebook 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives – 80GB and Above

  • MK4058GSX HDD2H41 400GB
  • MK3254GSY HDD2E41 320GB
  • MK3252GSX HDD2H01 320GB
  • MK3253GSX HDD2H11 320GB
  • MK2554GSY HDD2E42 250GB
  • MK2546GSX HDD2D90 250GB
  • MK2552GSX HDD2H02 250GB
  • MK2553GSX HDD2H12 250GB
  • MK2051GSY HDD2E21 200GB
  • MK2049GSY HDD2E11 200GB
  • MK2035GSS HDD2A30 200GB
  • MK1654GSY HDD2E43 160GB
  • MK1651GSY HDD2E22 160GB
  • MK1649GSY HDD2E12 160GB
  • MK1646GSX HDD2D92 160GB

  • MK1652GSX HDD2H03 160GB
  • MK1653GSX HDD2H13 160GB
  • MK1637GSX HDD2D60 160GB
  • MK1254GSY HDD2E44 120GB
  • MK1249GSY HDD2E13 120GB
  • MK1251GSY HDD2E23 120GB
  • MK1246GSX HDD2D91 120GB
  • MK1252GSX HDD2H04 120GB
  • MK1253GSX HDD2H14 120GB
  • MK1237GSX HDD2D62 120GB
  • MK1234GSX HDD2D31 120GB
  • MK1234GAX HDD2D16 120GB
  • MK1233GAS HDD2A05 120GB
  • MK1034GSX HDD2D37 100GB

  • MK1032GAX HDD2D08 100GB
  • MK1031GAS HDD2A02 100GB
  • MK8054GSY HDD2E45 80GB
  • MK8051GSY HDD2E24 80GB
  • MK8049GSY HDD2E14 80GB
  • MK8046GSX HDD2D93 80GB
  • MK8052GSX HDD2H05 80GB
  • MK8053GSX HDD2H15 80GB
  • MK8037GSX HDD2D61 80GB
  • MK8034GSX HDD2D38 80GB
  • MK8032GSX HDD2D32 80GB
  • MK8032GAX HDD2D14 80GB
  • MK8025GAS HDD2188 80GB
  • MK8026GAX HDD2191 80GB

Toshiba 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives – 30GB – 60GB – ZE01

  • MK6037GSX HDD2D63 60GB
  • MK6034GSX HDD2D35 60GB
  • MK6034GAX HDD2D17 60GB
  • MK6026GAX HDD2194 60GB
  • MK6025GAS HDD2189 60GB
  • MK6022GAX HDD2184 60GB
  • MK6021GAS HDD2183 60GB
  • MK4036GAC HDD2G01 40GB

  • MK4036GACE HDD2E02 40GB
  • MK4034GSX HDD2D39 49GB
  • MK4032GSX HDD2D34 40GB
  • MK4032GAX HDD2D10 40GB
  • MK4026GAX HDD2193 40GB
  • MK4025GAS HDD2190 40GB
  • MK4021GAS HDD2182 40GB
  • MK4019GAX HDD2171 40GB

  • MK4018GAP HDD2166 40GB
  • MK4018GAS HDD2170 40GB
  • MK3029GAC HDD2198 30GB
  • MK3029GACE HDD2199 30GB
  • MK3021GAS HDD2181 30GB
  • MK3019GAX HDD2172 30GB
  • MK3018GAS HDD2169 30GB
  • MK3017GAP HDD2159 30GB

Toshiba 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives – 10GB – 20GB

  • MK2023GAS HDD2187 20GB
  • MK2018GAP HDD2164 20GB
  • MK2018GAS HDD2168 20GB
  • MK2017GAP HDD2158 20GB

  • MK2016GAP HDD2154 20GB
  • MK1517GAP HDD2157 15GB
  • MK1516GAP HDD2153 15GB
  • MK1017GAP HDD2151 10GB

  • MK1016GAP HDD2152 10GB
  • MK1214GAP HDD2149 12.07GB
  • MK1814GAV HDD2934 18.14GB
  • MK1011GAV HDD2932 10.05GB

Toshiba 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives – 3.0GB – 6.49GB

  • MK6017MAP HDD2155 6.0GB
  • MK6015MAP HDD2146 6.0GB
  • MK6014MAP HDD2144 6.0GB
  • MK6414MAP HDD2144 6.4GB
  • MK6412MAT HDD2146 6.49GB
  • MK6411MAT HDD2133 6.49GB
  • MK6409MAV HDD2918 6.4GB
  • MK4310MAT HDD2134 4.3GB

  • MK4309MAT HDD2134 4.3GB
  • MK4313MAT HDD2141 4.3GB
  • MK4306MAN HDD2914 4.09GB
  • MK4006MAV HDD2914 4.0GB
  • MK3212MAT HDD2133 3.25GB
  • MK3209MAT HDD2132 3.25GB
  • MK3205MAV HDD2912 3.3GB
  • MK3000MAN HDD2619 3.08GB

    Toshiba 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives – 1GB – 2.16GB

    • MK2110MAT HDD2131 2.16GB
    • MK2109MAT HDD2130 2.16GB
    • MK2105MAT HDD2119 2.16GB
    • MK1608MAT HDD2118 1.62GB
    • MK2103MAV HDD2716 2.16GB
    • MK2104MAV HDD2718 2.16GB
    • MK2105MAV HDD2910 2.16GB
    • MK1403MAV HDD2712 1.44GB
    • MK1401MAV HDD2712 1.44GB

    • MK1301MAV HDD2712 1.35GB
    • MK1003MAV HDD2731 1.085GB
    • MK1002MAV HDD2731 1.085GB
    • MK1001MAV HDD2710 1.08GB
    • MK2101MAN HDD2616 2.16GB
    • MK1702MAN HDD2634 1.7GB
    • MK1302MAN HDD2632 1.35GB
    • MK2720FC HDD2612 1.35GB

      Toshiba 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives – Less than 1GB

      • MK0802MAV HDD2730 815MB
      • MK1926FBV HDD2527 815MB
      • MK1926FCV HDD2517 815MB
      • MK1924FBV HDD2524 543MB
      • MK1924FCV HDD2514 543MB
      • MK1824FBV HDD2522 352MB
      • MK1824FCV HDD2512 352MB
      • MK1724FCV HDD2339 362MB
      • MK1624FCV HDD2338 213MB
      • MK1722FCV HDD2336 131MB
      • MK1522FCV HDD2326 126MB
      • MK1422FCV HDD2324 86MB

      • MK1122FC HDD2212 43MB
      • MK2628FC HDD2417 811MB
      • MK2528FC HDD2416 704MB
      • MK2526FC HDD2434 528MB
      • MK2428FB HDD2424 524MB
      • MK2428FC HDD2414 524MB
      • MK2426FB HDD2422 349MB
      • MK2326FC HDD2412 340MB
      • MK2224FB HDD2248 213MB
      • MK2224FC HDD2238 213MB
      • MK2124FC HDD2216 130MB
      • MK2024FC HDD2214 86MB

        Other 2.5″ HDD Models

        • MK6050GAC
        • MK6050GACE
        • MK8050GAC
        • MK8050GACE
        • MK4050GAC
        • MK4050GACE
        • MK1032GSX
        • MK6032GAX
        • MK6032GSX
        • MK4039GSX

        • MK4058GSX
        • MK1229GSG
        • MK1629GSG
        • MK2529GSG
        • MK8017GSG
        • MK1617GSG
        • MK1231GAS
        • MK8031GAS
        • MK2431GAH
        • MK1214GAH

          Toshiba 0.85″ Hard Disk Drives

          • MK2001MTN HDD0211 2GB
          • MK4001MTD HDD0112 4GB

          Toshiba 1.8″ Hard Disk Drives

          • MK2001MPL HDD1212 2.01GB
          • MK5002MPL HDD1232 5.0GB
          • MK5002MAL HDD1242 5.0GB
          • MK1003GAL HDD1262 10GB
          • MK1504GAL HDD1285 15GB
          • MK2003GAH HDD1364 20GB
          • MK2004GAL HDD1422 20GB
          • MK2006GAL HDD1488 20GB
          • MK2008GAL HDD1662 20GB
          • MK3004GAH HDD1384 30GB
          • MK3006GAL HDD1442 30GB
          • MK3008GAL HDD1642 30GB
          • MK4004GAH HDD1524 40GB
          • MK4007GAL HDD1622 40GB
          • MK4006GAH HDD1564 40GB

          • MK4008GAH HDD1744 40GB
          • MK4009GAL HDD1682 40GB
          • MK6006GAH HDD1544 60GB
          • MK6008GAH HDD1724 60GB
          • MK8007GAH HDD1584 80GB
          • MK8009GAH HDD1764 80GB
          • MK8016GSG HDD1F06 80GB
          • MK1011GAH HDD1789 100GB
          • MK1216GSG HDD1F01 120GB
          • MK6028GAL 60GB
          • MK6014GAL 60GB
          • MK1214GAH 120GB
          • MK6015GAA 60GB
          • MK8025GAL 80GB
          • MK8022GAA 80GB

          • MK1626GCB 160GB
          • MK8031GAL 80GB
          • MK1231GAL 120GB
          • MK2431GAH 240GB
          • MK1229GSG 120GB
          • MK1629GSG 160GB
          • MK2529GSG 250GB
          • MK6034GAL 60GB
          • MK8034GAL 80GB
          • MK1234GAL 120GB
          • MK1634GAL 160GB
          • MK1633GSG 160GB
          • MK2533GSG 250GB
          • MK3233GSG 320GB
          • MK1235GSL 120GB

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