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We understand that clients looking to recover data from RAID 5 servers are likely to be extremely anxious to recover their files. That’s why our RAID 5 data recovery team is set up to ensure we restore your data is fast as possible, with the minimum of fuss.

Our RAID 5 team can recover data from RAID 5 servers regardless of what controller or server created the data, e.g. Windows, UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris or Mac OS. In most cases, not only will we recover you precious files, but we should also be able to restore your server back to its original functioning condition, prior to the RAID failure. We also offer industry-leading recovery rates alongside an extremely competitive pricing policy.

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Common causes of RAID 5 failure

RAID 5 arrays can fail for many of the same reasons that any RAID array can fail.

Please see our failed RAID section if you’d like to read more about the more common causes of RAID failure, the symptoms you might notice, and the steps that will need to be taken to restore your missing files.

Our RAID team comprises experts that specialise in recovering data from RAID 5 arrays in pretty much any circumstance; we have a great deal of recent experience successfully recovering data from failed RAID 5 arrays with the following faults:

  • Failed disk array controller
  • Two or more failed hard disk drives (HDD)
  • Unmountable boot volumes
  • Inaccessible file system
  • Both mirrored pair disks have crashed
  • Failure following a power surge
  • Errors made during attempting RAID rebuild
  • Attack from virus

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or indeed, any other issues with recovering data from any type of RAID array, then please get in touch now. We have top RAID recovery engineers waiting for your call. Or you can request a free on-line quote using the form to the right. Alternatively if you are looking for a location near you please visit our locations page

Dell Server RAID 5 on Priority Service – Bespoke service including supply of new drives, reloading server operating system, data restoration and return to client with data ready for access.

RAID Recovery Testimonials:

One of our main RAID Servers went down. We needed the data urgent. R3 organised a courier, within 1 hour it was collected and soon back with them. They worked throughout the night, keeping me consistently up to date. The whole issue was resolved within 24 hours, ensuring we were back up and running. I cannot thank and Praise these guys enough!! Aaron Roach – Andrew Wommack Ministries – Europe
Wonderful service, did everything they promised and delivered on time. Richard Wilson – Phoenix Futures

We had a very unfortunate accident, where our main server was knocked over and our hard drive was damaged. Our software maintenance engineers were unable to help us. Fortunately the R3 Data Recovery came to the rescue and worked tirelessly over the weekend to get us up and running they kept us informed all the way through the process and were always available on the phone. They were very professional and efficient and I would highly recommend them to anybody. Shahram Mirtorabi – Hindley Dental Practice
Would not be able to run our business efficiently without all our data – saved our business thank you!!! Kim Houghton – Access Solutions
Very good communication both by e-mail or telephone. I was informed about the progress all along the recovery process. Simpact Engineering
R3 offered a very fast, supportive, personal & professional service. Our data was accessible again on-site within three days of my initial cold call. I would highly recommend R3 to anyone. Many thanks for the swift & professional service. Anonymous testimonial ( company name – not revealed R3- confidentiality agreement)
Very approachable team who deal with your individual requirements. Although, seemingly expensive,R3 data provide an excellent, first class service. Home Desk Top
The agent that dealt with our issue was very professional, informative and couldnt (in my opinion) do more. James – ComputerCare
The team at R3 really know their onions and after speaking to them you feel like your data is in safe hands! I’ve only used them a couple of times and fingers crossed won’t need to for a while but there is no doubt where my next broken hard drive will be going! Ronnie Garrod – Abix Technology
Andy and his team have never failed to deliver when faced with a challenge. From collection of hard drives to accommodating an evening or weekend phone call, they can be relied on 100%. Elaine Barnes

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