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Solid State Disk Data Recovery Service

SSDs or solid state drivers have become common alternatives to the outdated hard disk drive storage formats. With no microchips or moving parts used to hold data, they are often viewed to be a more reliable storage option any any other hard drives.

In the perspective of durability, a solid state drive is less susceptible to any kind of physical shock. Their performance is also very impressive since they are quieter and cooler with a low access time, low power requirements and low latency as compared to hard drives. With regard to Samsung, hard drives are eight times slower than solid state drives. SSDs can write up to forty gigabytes in a day for thirteen years without wearing out.

All this can be referenced to the extremely complex RAID algorithms used in the distribution of data across the memory chips. This facilitates faster data access speeds and improved reliability thus popularizing the gadget among time-conscious teams like mobile sales groups. In spite of all these benefits, SSDs can suffer failure. It is in the event of their failure that Data Recovery Hospital comes in.

Some of the most popular solid state disk failures include:

  • Corruption of the firmware
  • Unrecognized gadgets
  • Electronic faults
  • Physically damages interfaces and devices
  • Corruption of the service area
  • Damage on the controller microchip
  • File systems that are logically corrupt
  • Erroneous data deletion

Whatever brings about the solid state disk failure, the agony and stress of losing crucial business data makes data recovery extremely important.

The good news is that the team of SSD experts we have has in-depth knowledge on fat diagnosis and quick data recovery and will come to your rescue as soon as you get in touch with us.

All this can be attributed to the extensive experience and research. We use proprietary techniques to have all your data recovered from any solid state disk failure. In addition, we have been investigating data recovery in SSDs since they first featured in the market and have come up with an array of techniques with magnificent success rates.

To make sure that we continue offering the best chances of recovery in the shortest time, we work with some well-established research professionals in the market. if you are looking for assistance in solid state disk data recovery, you just where you need to be.

Its a very stressful thing to lose all your data, I sent my hard drive to Currys and they couldn’t retrieve my information. I thought I had lost everything and I was so devasted until I came across R3, they recovered everything for me and to be honest the price is a bit reasonable considering you cannot put a price on memories. So I would recommend them to everyone as they are very good at what they do. They keep you informed all the way with the progress.

Valerie Malpha

I looked at several possible data recovery firms; R3 weren’t the cheapest but I liked their straightforward manner, the fact that they seemed to know exactly what they were doing, the fact that they were upfront with the cost, and also only charged a modest amount for the replacement hard drive. In total it took a week (including shipping both ways) – slightly longer than I was thinking it might take – but they contacted me several times to let me know where the process was at. So far as I can see, everything on the original drive has been recovered. I recommend them.

Richard Backhouse

Having discovered my external HD had given up the ghost I thought I’d lost all my family pictures and videos from our Grand Parents to our Grand Children, and all our special occasions and holidays.

But no, along came R3 Date Recovery.

They calmly told me what could happen and what couldn’t happen, including a time scale and an estimated costings. They did their best and their best was exceptional, they retrieved all my data much to my relief and that of my family.

Sleep comes much easier now. Thanks to R3 DATA RECOVERY.

Neville Roe



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