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The Data Recovery Hospital has a solid base of experience recovering hard drives from Apple Macintosh systems. We have thousands of happy Apple Mac customers all over the UK and pride ourselves on being able to recover data across all systems, not just PC or RAID but Mac as well. Call us now to get the best price and free quote to repair your Mac.

Our Recovery Tools and Techniques

The HFS and HFS+ files used in Apple Mac systems are very different from the FAT and NTFS file systems used in Microsoft Windows OS, leading us to develop custom tools and techniques that allow us to recovery data from any Mac model with greater precision and speed.

Whatever technical difficulties you might be experiencing with accessing data from your Apple system, check out the Apple section for a list of common problems and our unique solutions that can help recover your data in as little as 24 hours.

Please note that even if the Apple Mac hard drive is unrecoverable due to damage that is too severe to allow us to fully restore it, we can still perform Apple Mac data recovery services that will restore part, if not most, of your critical data.

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The Apple Mac Data Recovery Service Team

Regardless of the type and severity of the damage caused to your Apple Mac data storage system, we can provide you with a free diagnostics service and a quote to advise you on the best way to proceed with getting your key data restored. The Data Recovery Hospital can offer you solutions for data loss issues for almost any Apple Macintosh system in either HFS and HFS+ systems. Contact us to discuss our range of solutions options which include but are not exclusively limited to:

  • Apple Mac hard drive recovery for any Apple system running from OS 8 up to Mac OS 10.4.
  • Apple hard drive replacement for any OS in cases where full recovery has been made impossible due to severe damage.
  • Apple data recovery from any external hard disk (USB memory sticks, etc) that has been formatted for Apple Macintosh use.

Please complete our free online quote form to the right. Alternatively, please click on the following link for a complete list of all data recovery locations.
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