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iPhone / iPad / iPod Forensics and Data Recovery Services

At R3’s Data Recovery Hospital the forensics specialists can recover lost data from most phones of the last 20 years, if you have an unusual case use the contact form to give some information and we will call you back.

What Is Possible For R3 To Recover?

  • All data that is live on the phone (not deleted)
  • Deleted text-based data (including but by no means limited to):
  • SMS
  • Chats -WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, Viber
  • Call logs
  • iMessages
  • MMS
  • Web History
  • Web Bookmarks
  • Cookies
  • Facebook Messages
  • Linkedin Messages
  • Call Logs
  • Emails
  • Calendar Entries
  • Twitter
  • Most applications are already supported for extraction. We have the capability to develop custom scripts or bespoke programming for unsupported apps.

R3 mobile electronics experts are able to recover from most working, physically damaged, water-damaged or otherwise non-working devices.

In cases where the damage is too severe to recover from the handset we can recover live and deleted data from iTunes & iCloud backups.

Emergency Mobile Phone Recovery Services

PIN Lock Bypass

  • We are able to bypass PIN locks on Apple devices, dependant on the iOS version.
  • If the iOS version is unknown, we are able to determine it from the IMEI number which is printed on the rear of the device.
  • We are able to circumvent the ‘wipe handset after 10 unsuccessful PIN attempts’ feature

Hardware / Software Used

Our forensic investigators can give expert witness testimony to assist with a court case High-Tech Crime Units, solicitors, barristers and HR Departments. The techniques used can be proprietary, all of the major mobile phone forensic tools on the market today are available to us, plus some that are not commercially available to anyone outside of Law Enforcement or government agencies.

Chain of Custody

Where chain of custody is required we have our own dedicated driver service for collection and return point to point to remove the risk of loss in the postal or parcel courier system. Alternatively you can drop off at Security House yourself by appointment.

All of our techniques and processes will stand up to scrutiny in a court of law.


iPhone Data Recovery

When it comes to iPhone data recovery, there aren’t a lot of tools that can help you get desired results in any situation. Especially if your iPhone doesn’t start anymore, if the lost data cannot be accessed through conventional means, or if you have an iPhone stuck in recovery mode, there is a need for more advanced data retrieval methods that can guarantee the success you’re looking for.

Although using software for iPhone data recovery can be an efficient method of recovering your files, photos, chat history, contacts or other vital data from an iPhone, there can be situations when calling in the experts is the safest and most practical option.

This includes having to deal with iPhones damaged by water when dropped in a pool, or even when you accidentally dropped your phone out the window. Also, in some cases you might need iPhone password recovery or other advanced services that very few software alternatives exist for – many of which are extremely difficult to find or use.

Our professional Apple data recovery team is capable of restoring old data or dealing with challenging file retrieval tasks even in the case of damaged phones, corrupted file systems and encrypted backup data.

All you have to do is call, and our experts, available 24/7, will guide you through the process to help you find out exactly what the best iPhone recovery solutions may be in your specific case.

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iPad Data Recovery

As Apple iPad devices become more and more popular, as well as advanced, the supply and demand ratio for reliable iPad data recovery has been in decline. You can, of course, get the best quality iPad recovery solutions without much fuss, but it might cost you a lot of money.

Fortunately, this isn’t always the case, and you can still find dependable software and service solutions to facilitate anything from restoring small documents, photos and backup files, to complete iOS recovery solutions fit for any type of situation.

IPad data recovery is made much more convenient, and features a higher percentage of success when handled by professional data recovery companies. Data Recovery Hospital provides one of the most reliable, helpful and affordable services in the UK. With a flexible set of solutions geared toward any type of iPad device, and a professional team of experts who are ready 24/7 to provide assistance and make use of creative data recovery solutions, iPad recovery has never been easier.

iPod Data Recovery

If you have deleted or lost any of your iPod files including music, photos or video clips, do not panic unnecessarily!

Call R3’s Data Recovery Hospital today to speak with our specialists who can restore iPod data immediately.

Luckily the way iPods have been made, the chances of your iPod files being permanently deleted, corrupted or lost are very slim. However, hectic lifestyles, carrying your iPod around in your bag or pockets or even the rare occurrence of dropping your iPod or spilling your drink on it can cause serious damage.

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At Data Recovery Hospital, we understand that if you have spent a substantial amount of time customising your iPod it can be extremely frustrating if anything happens to your precious and personal playlists, pictures and videos. We work with all major Apple iPod models to restore and recover your iPod data almost instantly, returning your iPod in the same condition that it left you.


What Is Not Possible To Recover?

It is not possible to recover deleted media (photographs, videos and audio) from iPhone 4s or newer. (We can recover these from the iPhone 3GS, and 4, although these are rarely seen these days).

In which cases is it not possible to recover data from the device?

We cannot recover from Apple devices with extensive motherboard / component damage. We are often able to perform component level repairs (as in the case of water-damaged or seemingly ‘dead’ iPhones etc) but obviously if the damage is too severe we can’t help, since it’s not possible to perform a chip-off examination due to Apple’s hardware encryption. An upfront assessment and donor parts charge may be required for sever damage or situations where previous recovery attempts have been unsuccessful.

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