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Hard Drive & Data Recovery Services in Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Data Recovery Hospital has a long history of helping businesses and individuals based in the Newcastle upon Tyne area by reuniting them with their lost data. Whatever the cause of your problem, you can either bring your broken device in to our data recovery facility, or contact us directly for further information on how we can help.

Emergency collection in Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you have encountered a data loss problem with your hard drive or RAID system, we would highly recommend that you don’t attempt to make any sort of repairs yourself if you do not have the required training and experience. This can often lead to making the problem worse as these attempts can make more data inaccessible through accidental overwriting or formatting.

For a safe and smooth data recovery service, contact us as quickly as possible after encountering your data loss issue.

Newcastle upon Tyne Data Recovery Services

  • Hard Drive Recovery Newcastle upon Tyne: We can provide data recovery services for all major hard drive brands from LaCie to Maxtor thanks to the extensive range of expertise displayed by our engineers who have decades of combined experience putting back together people’s lost personal data.
  • External Devices: In addition, our engineers are equally adept at recovering lost data from external devices such as camera memory cards, USB sticks and others.
  • RAID Recovery Newcastle upon Tyne: RAID failures can have catastrophic consequences for businesses and the longer these problems are left unattended, the more serious those consequences become. That’s why we ensure that we are available every day of the week to respond to your RAID failure emergencies.

For more information on our customer service policies and our list of locations, get in contact now.



I contacted R3 at the weekend and they immediately put my mind at rest by scoping the works over the phone and issuing a good prognosis.

The drive (iMac) was collected the same day late at night 23:00 as an operative was returning to base from another job and was ‘almost’ passing my door.

All my important data was recovered to a USB drive within the week and returned to me.

Excellent service, which, whilst not a great technical achievement for R3 (I’m sure they can crack harder problems) it saved my day, they delivered what they said they would on time and on budget. You cannot ask for more than that. I can thoroughly recommend their services.

Robert Wardell, Manchester


My Sata hard drive crashed without warning and I sent it to R3 Data Recovery. They dealt with it swiftly and sent me a full list of all the files on the drive and then supplied a new drive with all my data on it – a very professional service and complete recovery of my data – I’m very pleased with the service.

Adrian Deacon, Basildon


I recently used R3 Data Recovery to recover some highly valuable and personal photos and videos from an external hard drive which hadn’t been is use for almost 5 years after being dropped on the floor while in use. The drive will power on but was completely undetectable. The quoted price was £299+VAT, or £549+VAT if a “rebuild” is required. I was mentally prepared to pay the £549, which was still two to four times cheaper than the quotes I had a couple of years ago. Upon receiving the file list from R3, I was delighted to know that they were able to recover almost each and everything on the drive (over 100GB) without a rebuild; my files were of course there as well. Two working days after the payment was made (£341.00), I received a replacement drive via UPS with all the data. The communication has been excellent on part of Andy and Mike, with most of my emails answered literally within minutes; keeping me updated with the progress. Overall, I would highly recommend R3 Data Recovery for their excellent low cost service, helpfulness and professionalism.

Ranaadnanm, Eastbourne




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