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Data Recovery For WD Storage Devices and Hard Drive Diagnostics

As a specialist data recovery company, we know well the stress that broken Western Digital (WD) hard drives can cause. That’s why we offer a fast, cheap, low-hassle service, with turnaround times available in less than 24 hours.

Our Western Digital data recovery team have become highly experienced in diagnosing and solving problems associated with Western Digital hard drives. They operate out of world-class facilities – including an ISO 3 certified data recovery clean room environment (one of the very few in the UK). As a result, they offer the best possible prospect of a successful data recovery from a broken western Digital hard drive regardless of the circumstances that caused the data loss, or the model.

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Emergency Data Recovery Services

Collection within 60 mins anywhere in the UK, critical data recovered within hours not weeks.

Common Symptons Of Data Recovery Issues For Western Digital HDDs

Western Digital data recovery can become necessary if your hard drive unit experiences any of the common mechanical failure problems inherent in all brands of hard drive, such as:

  • Read/write heads fail; symptoms include near constant clicking sounds, driver hangs or a slowing down of motor speed.
  • Failure to be recognised by the BIOS.
  • Drive appears to slow down.
  • Receive error message ‘Windows delayed write failure’.
  • Computer hangs – or displays a blue screen.
  • Sudden seizure of the hard drive due to overheating problems.

A less common problem experienced by Western Digital hard drives is that occasionally models that use the SMOOTH motor controller chip will fail due to this chip blowing. While more difficult to diagnose, the Data Recovery Hospital can usually restore any lost or inaccessible data to you on a storage medium of your choice.

Call today to get further information on our full range of Western Digital hard drive diagnostics tools and solutions for WD data recovery. You couldn’t be in safer hands!

Western Digital Data Recovery | Hard Drive Diagnostics

This review applies to an ‘old’ Western Digital external hard drive that had the misfortune to fall off my desk and thus become quite temperamental when trying to access the data on it.

 A quick google search displayed several results (naturally!) but chose to go with R3 as they had a Scottish based office… although I think my drive actually ended up in Northern England!? A courier was used to come and collect my drive which I had packed extremely well to try and avoid any further damage!

 First reports back weren’t good. Told that the drive itself was damaged but they would try to see what they could recover.

 Several emails and a few weeks later it transpired that the drive needed ‘rebuilding’ and thus the hunt was on for a donor drive of the exact same make/model.

 Well – it took quite some time (about 3 months in all) but it would appear that the repair worked as the much newer portable drive I sent away with the damaged one returned home yesterday courtesy of a next-day courier.

 Today I sat and went through the contents and yes – 12 years worth of photos and documents had been retrieved – along with quite a few MP3’s (which I wasn’t bothered about but got them back anyway!).

While their communication might not be top class the results have leased me completely and have justified the spend – especially to get back all my wedding photos and those from a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ to Kenya…

Thank you R3 for your hard work and perseverance with my drive…


Tay Valley Cab Company

This was great! I thought I had lost all of my documents because of my corrupt memory pen; I thought that I would have to retype all of my work. But all it took was about 15 minutes for them to fully recover all my lost work and now I have it back and I am so grateful.


Sean M

This was the first time we had used a data recovery service, so I didnt know what to expect, but R3 Data Recovery made everything simple and their communication and service were excellent.

They managed to recover nearly all the files from our failed hard drive and despatched the data back to us promptly on an external HDD.

I can’t think how I could fault R3.


John D

We Restore Data From All Western Digital Hard Drive Models

Data Recovery Hospital engineers are able to recover data from any model of Western Digital hard disk.

We have developed bespoke software and data recovery processes to ensure we maximise the chances of a successful recovery of all the different Western Digital brands.

  • Caviar
  • Expert
  • Passport
  • Protege
  • Raptor
  • Scorpio
  • Caviar SE
  • Caviar SE16
  • VelociRaptor
  • Scorpio Blue
  • Caviar GP
  • RE2-GP
  • AV-GP
  • RE
  • AV
  • RE2
  • RE3
  • Caviar SE32
  • Caviar Blue
  • Caviar Green
  • Caviar Black
  • Western Digital Scorpio Laptop / Notebook Drives SATA/IDE/SATA II/SERIAL ATA/PATA
  • Western Digital Desktop Caviar / Protege Drives SATA/IDE/SATA II/SERIAL ATA/PATA
  • Older Non-Marvell WDC IDE/PATA/SATA Drives
  • WD Models Based on Capacity – no BB/JB/JD
  • WD Raptors
  • WD Factory Aliases
  • ATA/PATA Drives
  • WD 2.5″ & 3.5″ Eexernal Mobile USB/Firewire /USB 2.0 / FireWire400 / FireWire800 / eSATA /
  • Ethernet
  • WD Passport Drives
  • WD External Firewire / USB RAID eSata Brands
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