Genuine Data Recovery Testimonials and Reviews from Our Valued Customers

The Data Recovery Hospital is owned and operated by R3 Data Recovery Ltd since April 2012. The R3 Team have an enviable reputation for successful recovery of data from all types of failed storage in emergency situations and have helped many who have already been to other data recovery professionals without success.

We work very hard to ensure that each and every one of our customers receives the best level of service possible and success rates. If you would like to send feedback on your experience with us then please contact us.

The following is a selection of real testimonials from R3 Data Recovery Ltd customers who have done just that.

Excellent data recovery service. When our local IT man doubted anything could be saved on PC hard drive , R3 recovered ovee 95%.
Also provided new external hard drive – and replaced when faulty 6 months later.

Zennor Consultants Ltd

Would not be able to run our business efficiently without all our data – saved our business thank you !!!

Kim Houghton – Access Solutions

I have no real means of assessing the fees charged for this service, as this is the first time I have had to use such a service, but in terms of the potential cost of regenerating that which was lost, it was excellent value for money.

Dave Smith

R3 Data Recovery services supplied me with an excellent service rescue at a time when I thought that all my professional web/graphic design portfolio worth 20 years of hard work got lost irreparably, as my external hard drive that stored it broke down. Their repairing operation ran smoothly (superb phone support), in a timely manner, and at an affordable rate. All my precious data was recovered, and for these reasons I don’t hesitate to recommend them as caring professionals of the industry’s highest standards!

Paulo De Almeida – UniqueComms

brilliant price. great turnaround time. pleased.


R3 data recovery were a God send when m main backup drive containing my photo, media and file failed without any pre warning! The arranged for pick up and chased ups when the latter were delayed in collecting the damaged drive. They contacted me immediately when they realised that the drive was beyond restoration due to a mechanical failure (cause still unknown) and didn’t try to blog their way to get more money to do unnecessary tests. Andy then contacted me to check if the data was originally migrated from another drive, which it was, and he offered a solution to attempt a recovery from my older HDD which was now formated and recording of my free view tv which to most people meant that the older data was non recoverable. Andy was very clear about the possibility and the cost of doing this recovery attempt and the fact that I might not get any data but would pay for the time spent on the attempt (would say the cost was very reasonable). The recovery worked, I had a good part of my data back which was sent back to me on a new HDD, Andy and his team are still working to retrieve more files and resolve issues with problematic records. The team are very professional and dedicated, very busy but will happily talk to you and explain where things are and the best way to progress. Many thanks to a truly professional team passionate about what they do!

Luma – Private

Even though they were unable to recover the data as the Pen Drive failure was something they had not come across, I cannot speak highly enough as to how they detailed everything wrong with the internal workings of the pen drive. They were honest and considerate in supporting me every step of the way, even though they could not recover the data on my drive. I would highly recommend them.

Viv Burke – VB Accounting

Everything was very smooth, and professional.

Crispin Dawson

I had broken a USB stick that contained lots of data and unfortunately I hadn’t backed it all up. I contacted the company and the advice,support and service that I received was brilliant and was,without any doubt,worth every penny that I paid! They managed to recover ALL of the data for me and sent it back to me very quickly. I have recommended the company to all of my colleagues and my friends.

Gill Pears – Temple Primary School

Great service and communication. Will recommend to anybody who needs a hard drive recovery. I tried pc world first and they were no use. R3 were fast and manged a 95 % recovery of my laptop drive.

rod stewart – cromwell cottage

I have been very lucky to find such a proffessional and helful recovery firm who have done a brilliant job for very reasonable cost and in a short time.

Dennis Mulliner – n/a

Happy with service, good customer service. Prompt repairs fixed my usb within a day.

M Ali – –

The commitment of R3 Data Solutions is second to none. Engineers were available seemingly around the clock and most importantly, they recovered the data that I needed. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Geoff Payne – 25 Bedford Row, London

Excellent service. Highly responsive including out of hours and during public holiday period. I would highly recommend them.

Ed Bussey – iTrigga Media

Communication Was Superb From Start to Finnish,also the work carried out to Retrieve My Lost Holiday data from my Damaged SD Card was of High Standards! I would Recommend Andy & His Team to anyone who needs Precious Data Recovered! The Price also reflected their Difficult IT Work carried out! Excellent Thankyou M Benbow

Michael Benbow

An excellent service to solve a problem caused by an idiot(me!.

Howard Bush

We had a very unfortunate accident, where our main server was knocked over and our hard drive was damaged. Our software maintenance engineers were unable to help us. Fortunately the R3 Data Recovery came to the rescue and worked tirelessly over the weekend to get us up and running they kept us informed all the way through the process and were always available on the phone. They were very professional and efficient and I would highly recommend them to anybody.

Shahram Mirtorabi – Hindley Dental Practice

Wonderful service, did everything they promised and delivered on time

Richard Wilson – Phoenix Futures

One of our main RAID Servers went down. We needed the data urgent. R3 organised a courier, within 1 hour it was collected and soon back with them. They worked throughout the night, keeping me consistently up to date. The whole issue was resolved within 24 hours, ensuring we were back up and running. I cannot thank and Praise these guys enough!!

Aaron Roach – Andrew Wommack Ministries – Europe

It cost me more than I expected, but got my data back very quickly.

Roy Vickers

Brilliant service, highly recomended

Joanne Fahey – Abbey Nursing & Care Agency

Quick and very efficient and rescued all the important data that I thought I had lost which was a great relief.

Tony Liddle – N/A

Dell Small business server RAID 5 – 5 x Seagate Cheetah 10K drives, 2 failed at differrent times – Recovered and Server restored with new drives and data transferred. Server collected and returned by our own staff.

N Viswanathan, Newcastle Under Lyme
“excellent prompt work.” Hitachi 320GB 24 Hour Service

Ben Perett, Sheffield
“Very good service, professional and quick turn around but pretty expensive” – Fujitsu 160 GB Price Included Donor Parts and New 320GB external drive.

Belinda Schwehr – Care and Health Law
“Andy got me out of a meltdown situation, calmly and confidently, when I was practically hyperventilating from the stress.” – Remote recovery of inaccessible files.

Belinda Kindly provided this in addition :-

I would like to say this about his services, and am happy for it to be quoted:

“Andrew dug me out of an IT disaster, in an emergency, over a Saturday night and a Sunday lunchtime, calmly exploring what I had done to my system so as to mitigate risk as we went along, in words that I could easily understand as a non-techhie, and as a self employed person in a semi-hysterical state, to boot. He was able to help, remotely, as if he was sitting at the actual PC, and managed to unravel what my normal IT support provider had set up. I intend to keep his number by my workstation at all times and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others in need of a fix….”

Stephen King – Wolverhampton
“They did what I wanted quickly and helpfully. SK.” PCB faults 400GB Seagate

Elaine Adams – Elaine Adams PR, London
“R3 Data Recovery Ltd were very, very helpful from beginning to a final and happy conclusion of recovering my daughter’s vital university course work from her damaged memory stick. They kept me informed every step of the way and went far and beyond being helpful. A pleasure to do business with them.” Generic 512MB memory stick, NAND Chip read after contoller failed. data recovery office near London.

Elizabeth, Cardiff
“Very professional, friendly and helpful.
Brilliant customer service” – Broken Memory Stick

Martin Guest, Maidstone
“Very approachable team who deal with your individual requirements. Although, seemingly expensive,R3 data provide an excellent, first class service.” Drive Details: Model No: HD103SJ Serial No: S246J90ZB30419 Size: 1000 Gigabytes

Georgie Georgiev,
“Their recovery service was quite expensive for me, but for the quality of service, speed and results it was worth it. Very quick communication and quick results” Seagate 500 GB Dropped and clicking.

“Very helpful. Continued until the problem was completely resolved. Excellent I would certainly recomend. These people actually know what they are doing” Deleted files restored remotely.

Laura Mumby –
“I was unhappy with the amount of time it took to get the files recovered. It would also have been nicer if the company had kept in touch more to provide an update. Overall though I was pleased to the files recovered.” Kingston 16 GB – Needed deeper scan to recover files affected by controller failure.

Gloria – London
“Great customer assistance, reliability and punctuality in solving the problem within the predicted time slot. Recommendable.” Generic 2GB memory stick with failed controller

Jenny – Manchester
“My daughter was in sheer panic tearfully stood outside PC World after being told there was no hope of recovering weeks of her university course work from her bent USB data stick – which she had not yet backed up. I googled data recovery and I’m relieved to say we found R3 Data Recovery Ltd who told me that there was a good chance of recovery in most cases. After a few phone calls to very helpful people, the damaged memory stick was in the post and on its way to full recovery of information for one extremely relieved university student and her mum. So thank you Data Recovery Ltd – you did an excellent job and kept me posted all through the various stages to encourage us. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”
Andy and his team saved me a lot of time and anguish. I thought I had lost the entire academic script I was working on. They sorted this out through a remote link to my home computers and set me on my way again.
Tom Heller – Academic
Top notch service, saved me a great deal of heartache. Very professional. Many thanks for the excellent service.
Would like to see special rates for students and private individuals, especially on straitforward jobs. The service was great but the cost, although fair to a company that would make money from the recovery, it seems expensive, with no cheaper options for private individuals. Having said that, an excellent service.
Peter Grimshaw
I found them to be extremely efficient and careful to check that they had recovered my data successfully.
David McIlroy – 3PB Barristers
Professional reliable service, customers kept up to date with progress. Service quite expensive but it is difficult to put a price on data recovery!
Roger Buckingham
Top Rate service. Did what it said on the tin. Rescued all my sons photos and data!
Tony Worsdall
Great service when you need really professional help. Turned around recovering stuffed Mac HD and loading data onto external HD within the timeframe quoted. Contacted by phone with query and extremely helpful, using simple language not PC jargon. Not cheap, but worthwhile.
Gregg Ramirez
Amazing service saved my life!
David Hooper – British Triathlon
relationship with the customer is very good in terms of communication and assessment of need. I have no hesitation in seeking their service in the future where necessary.
K. Boaten
Very proactive and helpful in resolving a critical data recovery problem. Also very efficient as the recovered data/images were sent back to me as promised. Good people to work with – understanding and not patronising
Charles Daybell
Great and fast service, a tad expensive, but reliable and efficient. About 70% of my data was recovered, which was probably the maximum that could have been recovered anyway.
Freelance researcher
Fast professional service.
Paul Jakubovic
They saved my life! I thought I had lost all of my work but they saved me. It was so quick and easy. They were really helpful. Thank you
Kim McClounan
Very helpful, professional service
Ewan Murray
Data recovery was done quickly, with no fuss, and kept us in the loop on what could have been a disaster if data had been gone forever!!
Chris Narey
Excellent service, the work was undertaken to an extremely high standard and I was kept informed throughout the process. Highly recommended.
David Harling
Excellent service. Reliable and fast
Nicola Hoff
A great service! I would recommend you to others but as a personal rather than a business user, I found it quite expensive. I’m a teacher and have students who have lost coursework in this way – there’s no way they could afford to do the same. Thanks for recovering hours & hours of hard work – this time I’ll be backing-up :)
Kate Harris
Outstanding service. Disk was rescued and backup received. Very happy with all parts of service. Would have liked the service to have been cheaper
Brian Callaghan
All data recovered, very competitive price and good service. Would use again.
Arthur Barker
Efficient and successful recovery of data from broken memory stick.
Ms Jones
Great service, good people to deal with, wish I had backed up though !
Response to enquiry was very quick and informative. Recovery was quick as well and the cost was relative to the price of losing the information that was irreplaceable!
prism tv
The firm was honest all the way through, providing me with all the information I needed to make a decision as to which service to use. They did exactly as I requested and I recommend them.
J Stewart
Rescued a dead HDD and put it as a bootable one, very good indeed. The HDD had a major internal hardware fault.
M White
I was very impressed by the professional and knowledgeable man I spoke to on the phone – he was able to diagnose my problem accurately given my description of what had gone wrong, precise cost estimations plus a realistic assessment of the likelihood of recovery. The other recovery companies I contacted did not have knowledgeable people answering the phone and gave vague estimates about time and costs. I was impressed and this inspired confidence.
Jon Barfield
These guys were awesome. We had a massive data loss on a big raided storage array and needed a lot of data recovered urgently. Their response was super fast and our problem was dealt with extremely rapidly & professionally.
Stuart Turner
Good advice, straight forward, fast and economic service. I could not fault them.
Peter Smith
I was extremely pleased with the quality and speed of the service provided. All of the data from a faulty flash drive was recovered successfully.
Alan Johnstone
Fast, Efficient. Great customer service.
D Sykes
Saved me a hundred hours work!
K. Brennan
Very helpful and prompt service
Ray Stead
Friendly, prompt, supportive service. Would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend – thankyou!!!

Prompt and efficient service door to door.The company were very good to liaise with and very supporting with technical problems,they seemed prepared to go out of their way to resolve problems,unlike your average company.We would definitely do business with them again.In our case they were able to recover all our most crucial data.

John Voogd
Very helpful and quick to respond, even on a Sunday morning!

Tobias Bishop – Personal
Excellent service!!!!!

Lynda Hughes
Excellent service, clear professional advice and a very quick resolution

Richard Brailsford
Excellent communication – extremely helpful & courteous – very rapid service – all data recovered – highly recommended.

Rae Cuttler

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