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R3 Continue to Repair, Recover and Restore Even After a Disaster

R3 Data Recovery Ltd is a company which managers hundreds of data disasters every month.

The company is underpinned by industry leading engineers who have rebuilt the Security House lab in Sheffield to help those who have failed hard drives, servers and solid state memory.

The lab is one of the few high capacity data recovery operations which can actually do more than just rebuild a hard drive or run software.

The Security House lab was first built by Andy Butler in 2007 after realising that the market was becoming awash with resellers and have a go heroes as the Internet took off in the late nineties.

But there was worse to come, a group of competitors with a background in webdesign, quickie divorces and other document spooling services like payment protection insurance and employment tribunals had found an easy way to make money from data recovery. Selling 30 page reports explaining why a software recovery was so expensive or a mechanical rebuild was unsuccessful was making greater profits than actually doing recoveries.

The group of competitors were an ebook marketing operation otherwise known as a “document paper mill” often selling copies of forms you can get for free elsewhere.

As more consumers fell into the £100 data recovery trap it made the conmen millionaires, tens of thousands of businesses and consumers unaware they had been defrauded, and many hard working data recovery engineers deprived of the work they could do.

Worse an industry awash with cheap data recovery services unable to deliver what clients need – their data recovered!

Despite Andy using his own company, profits and substantial personal investment to try and help the victims, he himself fell foul of the now pseudo forensic law firm and its internet savvy, Welsh Assembly and European Union grant assisted Pseudo Law firm which hired “bailiffs” and used bribery and coercion to secure a high court injunction to stop their schemes being publicised.

Unfortunately the “bailiff” sent to serve the HCI on Andy was an ex police officer pensioned off from police on medical grounds, but still able to go into a “gypsie campsite” and secure property “without the need for force” being one of his boasts .

Yet after drinking the night before, reading a wrongly awarded HCI secured under perjury and bribes, turned up at Andy’s home address ready for a fight. Seconds later Andy found himself concussed at the foot of a steep driveway after according to the bailiff throwing himself headfirst backwards !

The bailiff left the scene and Andy was taken to hospital and despite head injuries and grazing was discharged from hospital unaware how severe his internal injuries were.

The court appointed bailiff stated in his police interview that he was in shock and left the scene of the “incident” because he feared for his life and that of his family, yet in the same interview not released for nearly 3 years he stated “he (Andy) should not have survived the fall” in his experience as a police officer, the loud cracking noises from Andy’s head, neck and back hitting and bouncing down the steep driveway should have resulted in his death! On no less than 4 occasions in his police statement he expressed his expectation that Andy could not have survived.

Over the following 9 months after Andy nearly fell to his death, his health, wellbeing and finances suffered.

As a result of not realising that he had a several fractured vertebrae and a prolapsed disk in the neck. Pain killers and GP assurances it was just whiplash put Andy into his own disaster.
Had the bailiff stayed and spoken to the police or paramedics of what he had seen Andy’s injures would have been better assessed.

As it was Andy was left in constant pain, inter cranial pressure, and later diagnosis of stenosis of the spine and partial stroke, had rendered him unable to function as the leader of his company, himself now vulnerable to those who sought to take advantage of the opportunity and use fake review sites to further distress and muddy the waters for Andy. Worse an attempt to steal from Andy and an attempt to drive him into bankruptcy in his distressed state.

The HCI was subsequently dropped and damages and costs totalling over £250,000 paid out but it was too late for Andy and his operation. his lab and company were liquidated.

During that time Andy’s staff had been offered bribes and despite trying to help the victims of a competitor Andy had to continue battling the legal and financial onslaught winning another legal case and damages against his competitor and setting a legal precedent in the process, his competitor was “mulcted” in the court and their aspirations to convert into a fully fledged law firm dealt a blow.

Fortunately despite the worst time of his life, in his hour of need Andy’s friends, family and victims of his competitor rallied to his aid.

Andy has since rebuilt his data recovery lab and brought together engineers from across the UK and Europe to bring about a success from a disaster.

25 staff and a 24/7/365 high capacity lab able to cope with influxes of dozens of cases due to floods and power outages sets R3 apart from any other data recovery lab in the UK.

The R3 team has the technical expertise to recover data from all types of storage hardware and the capacity to still offer low cost data recovery for the majority of failures.

The high end work offered by R3 is an escalation route other data recovery companies and resellers use but is also accessible direct for consumers and businesses large or small.

R3 has enabled the UK to have access to the very highest success rates for data and disaster recovery available in the world.

The moral of the story must be obvious. In adversity the true nature of people can be seen.



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