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We repair any Windows, AppleMac or Linux based  Laptop, as well as performing data recovery on all hard disk and SSD drives.

Laptop Data Recovery Issues

Due to the increasingly versatility of laptops and the ease with which they can be carried around by the owner, they are far more likely to suffer accidental damage of a physical nature. This includes mishandling incidents such as dropping, knocking or otherwise applying unintentional pressure to a laptop which can cause damage to its components.

This in turn can cause data to become inaccessible as the read/write heads or spindle motor fail to engage properly.

In addition, laptop hard drives are susceptible to the usual array of other mechanical and logical faults that can affect desktop hard drives. For more specific information on particular types of data loss and our solution to the problem, visit the relevant manufacturer’s page on our brands supported list.

If you prefer, please contact us directly in order to speak to one of our highly trained and experienced staff who will be happy to arrange a convenient time for your free diagnostics service to determine the best way to proceed with a solution to your data loss problem. Or you can complete our free online quote form to the right. Alternatively, please click on the following link for a complete list of all data recovery locations.

Our laptop data recovery services

Depending on the nature and extent of the damage caused, we can in most cases perform full laptop hard drive recovery services to restore your hard drive to working order. In cases where this is not possible, due to severe damage rendering the hard drive unrecoverable, we can still save at least some if not most of your data, extract it and store it on a medium of your choice (USB, a new hard drive, etc) before returning it to you.

Click for a full list of the HDD brands supported by the Data Recovery Hospital, to see our services on everything from IBM to Toshiba laptop data recovery.
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