Q: I accidentally powered my RAID array Seagate in Toshiba 3.5 1.5tb pk1542 1hk0 with 24v rather than 12v. I saw an instant red light on the box. After switching to the correct power cable I then tried again but got a blue flashing light. I can detect a slight burnt smell coming from the mother board. Can you please advise me on the likely recovery of 6946 photos (approx 30GB) and also 17GB of documents? Thanks.

A: It sounds as if your device has suffered serious mechanical failure from overheating. If the device was only powered by the incorrect power cable for a short amount of time, then the damage may not be catastrophic. While full data recovery of all your photos and documents may be unlikely, there is still a good chance that a sizeable proportion be can saved.

If your device has suffered serious physical damage by overheating, burning or mishandling, contact us as soon as possible for a direct quote and free analysis of how much data can likely be restored.

Asked by Chris from London

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