Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Hospital’s mission is to maximise all clients’ prospects of recovering data successfully, regardless of the type of media device that has failed or the cause of the problem.

We consistently deliver industry-leading data recovery rates by employing a carefully selected, experienced team of data recovery experts across all disciplines, and providing them with the best tools and techniques available. This includes our ISO3 clean room facilities which are 100 times cleaner than the ISO5 facilities used by the majority of our competitors.

Understanding that data loss is usually stressful enough as it is, we do everything within our power to make the experience as painless as possible. The following outlines some of the benefits of using Data recovery Hospital:

  • Free diagnosis by phone or email – output includes a competitive, fixed price price quote for recovering the data.
  • No need to pay until you can see the files we have been able to recover.
  • No payment unnecessary if recovery unsuccessful.
  • You may speak to the engineer responsible for recovering your data throughout the recovery process.
  • Detailed progress reports available at any stage of the data recovery.
  • Most critical data can be recovered within 24 hours (Monday to Sunday).
  • Technicians can be contacted between 9am and 10pm (including weekends).

Our Data Recovery Services

We can recover your important data in virtually any format or storage device. Our data recovery services include:

Hard drive recovery: regardless of your system or specifications, The Data Recovery Hospital has a tailor-made solution to locate and restore your lost data.

Laptop recovery: Although modern laptops are tough, they tend to suffer rougher treatment than desktops due to their portability. Losing data through dropping, knocking or otherwise mishandling the device is a common occurrence. Rest assured, we can restore the data that a mishap can cause.

RAID recovery services: Even RAID storage arrays are not immune to data loss issues. Read more about our RAID recovery services.

USB and flash drive recovery: Due to their portability and small size, USB memory sticks and flash storage drives are sometimes susceptible to being dropped or damaged while being moved between devices. We can recover any lost data with speed and complete confidentiality.

Server data recovery services: Crashes or unexpected overwrites can cause server data loss that can be crippling to businesses that handle vast numbers of real-time transactions. Contact us for a swift solution to avoid unnecessarily long periods of downtime.

Where We Operate

Data recovery UK: As we offer a postal service, we’re able to provide anyone located in the UK with data recovery solutions. If you would prefer to visit one of our service centres in person, please refer to our primary locations list to find your closest centre. Data recovery London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol and more can be found here.

The Data Recovery Hospital also offers a wide variety of other services. Contact us for details on how we can help you with any of your data recovery requirements.


What Does a REAL Data Recovery Lab Look Like?


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