Unrecovered Devices? There Still May Be A Chance!

Have you been told your device is unrecoverable? Do you need a second opinion?

R3’s Data Recovery Hospital have a lot of experience of recovering from hard disks and storage devices that have been declared unrecoverable by other data recovery companies, even mechanically failed hard disk drives (HDDs) discarded by others as unrecoverable have been recovered by the lab engineers at R3.


While the complexities of how this is done is in-depth and different for each case, our continued success is as a result of several factors most notably the ethos and philosophy of R3 is different to that of some other data recovery companies.

While we are of course a business we don’t operate as clinically as other data recovery companies do. Data recovery is very much an evolving technology in its own right, it has to adapt and advance every day.

Occasionally there is an instance within the data recovery industry that a series of device failures are caused by one specific problem with one easy applied solution, one such example was the Seagate 7200.11 firmware bug that did the rounds a few years ago.

While most cases of hard disk failures can be classified within a group of particular fault types (such as mechanical, degraded media, firmware etc.) few cases are the same and as such require a solution that is unique and perform research and development on a case by case basis.

Whilst most apply a strict time scale to recoveries based on their ability to be able to spend a set amount of time to a problem some cases as a result are marked unrecoverable where at R3 we do not apply such strict time-based rules to how we go about difficult cases and as a result we can get recoveries when others cannot.

Many data recovery cases are true R and D projects, some disks that weren’t recoverable a few years or even months ago can be recovered now.

Why not give us a call to discuss your failed device even if you have been told it isn’t recoverable by someone else?


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