USB Memory Stick With Cheap Controller

USB stick which was a company branded freebie

During our initial free assessment, our engineers identified that the NAND chip was covered in resin and cannot be accessed or removed for the recovery process.

What we call a NAND read wasnt an option with this particular job as the NAND chip which is where all the data is stored was covered in a sticky resin, which means removing the NAND chip would be near impossible. The only option we had was to replace the controller to see if this was the problem or not. However, with this USB stick the controller was an incredibly rare one, and one of our engineers said hed never even seen one like it before!

Along with the resin the other main problems with these cheap manufacturers USB sticks is the poor quality of soldering and solder that is used. Using poor solder can lead to loose connections and the device not working at all. The only way to avoid the problems these devices in particular cause is to regularly back up your data.

Customers need to be aware that cheap USB sticks from eBay or Company Freebies are cheap for a reason, manufacturing is often with cheap flash memory and has a higher chance of failure. In most circumstances R3 Data Recovery would have been able to recover the data from the failed USB stick if it wasn’t for the sticky resin that the manufacturer covers it in.

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