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R3 Data Recovery Ltd, The Data Recovery Hospital of the UK removes Reviews from Yell.com in protest to Shill reviews placed by Fields Data Recovery similar to those on TrustPilot.

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Business Overview
Data Recovery Of Hard Drives, Servers, Virtual Machines, SQL DB, Memory Stick Repair, Industry Leading DR Engineers with 24/7/365 ISO-3 Lab for Raid 5 Raid 0, NAS Storage and SSD
Welcome to The R3 Data Recovery Hospital

Data Recovery Hospital exists to help clients recover data from any make or model of desktop and laptop hard disk drives (HDDs), multi-disk RAID devices and any type of removable media

We have developed tailored solutions for recovering data from all leading brands

Furthermore, we have designed our business and our labs to deliver the highest possible recovery rate at the lowest possible cost, given client demands for speed, security and service

Free UPS Collection anywhere in the UK Dedicated secure driver collection for data protection compliance if required

Free in lab assessment.

Second opinion for RAID arrays, hard drives and flash memory declared unrecoverable

THe R3 Data Recovery team have inmductry leading data recovery engineers. They are constantly develping new solutions and techniques for the recovery of drives old and new. Hard drives do not fail easily but when they do they need specialists in data recovery who can deliver. Call Andy and the team at R3 for the best chance of getting your data back

Secure Wiping of data and storage devices. Donor hard drive stock of over 8000 catalogued hard drives to facilitate the fastest possible turnarounds for emergency recovery situations.

Flood, fire, and power interference reapir and recovery of servers and hard drives. SSD drive expertise. Memeory stick repairs

Large scale SAN disaster recovery, block level imaging and recovery of IBM X1V series and EMC DELL Isilon.

The R3 Engineers are industry leading data recovery experts supported by a highly focused and flexible team of assistants in a high security facility. This enables the lab, cleanroom, electronic rework and donor management ensure the highest success rates. The imaging and data validation capacity of R3 is amongst the largest in Europe but also the most efficient. Ensuring low cost for the highest success rates including drives declared unrecoverable by other leading ISO 9001 process driven teams

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