2014 The busiest year for the R3 Data Recovery team due to New Year storms

For all data recovery labs there is a general level of workload throughout the year. Storage devices are not designed to fail but for most drives that come in for recovery they have been affected by outside interference.

As such the data recovery team operates much like a hospital with a general ward and an accident and emergency service. In a previous post we described how 2013 had been very busy due to lightening / thunderstorms, resulting in R3 increasing its spare capacity to ensure production levels could be maintained at the fastest turnaround times, whilst still supporting those with severely degraded drives needing long term imaging.

The data recovery hospitals main lab in Sheffield is one of the highest capacity labs in Europe and possibly the largest in the UK but even with additional capacity last Summer the new year of 2014 resulted in hundreds of hard drives and dozens of servers being affected and we have had the busiest 4 months period on record.

With servers for business and schools, SSD and hard drives and memory sticks for home users and students all affected by power outages we have seen a constant flow of new work.

Many times there are backups but even the back up servers were affected and its not until a failure is it realised that critical data needs recovering.

Despite planning to have spare capacity it has meant we have been unable to even spare time for articles like this for the website or even to ask for reviews of our services but we have made plans to change this.

The redevelopment of Security House is planned over the summer months but in the meantime we are looking to add to our capacity and will be recruiting another technician to join the R3 Team. Get in touch if you have at least 5 years experience in data recovery and would like to be part of what is building into the UK’s most productive data recovery operation. Call 0333 123 3282 or 0800 999 3282 and talk to Andy Butler


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