Data Recovery Services In Times Of Crisis

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R3 are one of the few specialist data recovery operations in the UK. ✅

As a Disaster Recovery Lab we continue operations during times of emergency and national crisis. 🦠

R3 offer a dedicated driver for emergency and sensitive / critical data transportation instead of standard courier. 🚑

R3 repair, recover and restore access to data on all types of storage devices. ✅

From a broken memory stick, corrupt SSD or clicking Hard Drive to broken Mobile phones, Crashed Servers, Inaccessible Network Attached Storage, Deleted Virtual Machines, Backup Tape recovery or Dropped Laptops. 💻

Our engineers and technicians are tasked to deliver on a wide range of business and enterprise emergency disaster recovery as well as budget services for home users & students. 🏥

Why Donor Drives Are Useful

When drives with mechanical issues or electronic issues are sent into the lab we automatically know in advance that a donor drive will be needed, if a drive has a damaged or failed head, if it’s stiction or if there is a certain issue with the PCB of the drive.

Some people may think of donor drives as “scrap” or “not worth using anymore”, but here we gain a lot of use out of them.

The main drive manufacturer that always seem to have mechanical faults is Seagate. We get a lot of Seagate drives that have failed and most of the time the faults are mechanical but luckily, we have a lot of Seagate donors in our stock to rectify this.

In this situation, if it is a Seagate drive and needs a head swap then we would browse our stock and match what we know needs to match for the donor drive to be compatible with the patient drive. The knowledge of matching donor drives has taken many years to perfect. However, with new drives and revisions of drives coming out all the time it will never be fully perfected.

R3 Donor drive store room

All our in-house donors are put through tests to make sure they are up to standard and they aren’t faulty or about to fail. This prevents any further damage happening to the patient drive.

If you think your drive is mechanically failed and would like a free over the phone assessment from one of our sales team, get in contact on 0800 999 3282 or alternatively email us at [email protected]

The True Side Of Data Recovery

Andy at the lab

#datarecovery is not just about numbers it is about success rates and caring enough about every case regardless of who it is.

Our competitors may appear more successful processing 2000 jobs a month and declaring the more difficult 20% unrecoverable just to keep profits up without giving clients an option but it is wrong and the ICO GDPR regulations brings focus to this..

For over 15 years the UK market leaders have focused on cheap pricing, maximising profits and wrongly declaring data unrecoverable because it is more profitable to do so. I have fought against this at every step even if it meant a loss on the p&l accounts of the company.

We have developed R3 to be set apart from this £100 software recovery have a go hero approach then charge £1200 for a template report or botched recovery attempts.

R3 have developed processes and resources to maximise success rates from failed devices. We recover data others cannot, we help the victims of Fields Associates and Rapid Data and we recover data that Data Clinics say only Paul Daniels can recover.

Profit is what a business needs to function but the market demands success rates. Data can be life or death, financially, professionally or emotionally damaging if declared unrecoverable and there are reputation and regulatory risks to declaring data unrecoverable.

R3 have invested in the resources and engineering capabilities to ensure our success rates are the best the UK can offer. We are engaged on real disasters affecting industry, healthcare, manufacturing and food production as well as commerce of every type from sole traders to banks.

We have rightly turned away work when too busy but do our best to help everyone who needs REAL data recovery specialist services. We are seeing increasing international demand for our limited time every month. We often recover drives without their stickers said to be unrecoverable too!

R3 is a small company with big investment in success rates. Britain is leading the way don’t underestimate the tenacity of teamwork. Do not underestimate the resolve made 17 years ago to help Britain get the success rates needed.

Interesting facts From Our Data Recovery Lab

Like everyone, here at R3 Data Recovery we find interesting facts well.. Interesting; and when not rebuilding faulty hard drives in our cleanroom or piecing back together multi disk raid arrays a little distraction to rest our weary brains is always welcome.

Here are a few geeky facts that we would like to share with you that we found entertaining:

  1. When you next complain about how much space your computer takes up at home and untidy the wires just take a moment to imagine the world’s first commercial computer the ENIAC that weighed more than 27 tons and occupied 1800 square feet!
  2. The first computer mouse was said to have been invented back in 1964 and believe it or not it was made from wood.. (Yes we are still scratching our heads over this one)
  3. When you next think why is my antivirus always updating surely they can’t be that many computer viruses out there… well yes there are and new ones being invented all the time an amazing 5000 every month.

Interesting stuff ehh :)

Why You Should Use an External Hard Drive Recovery Service?

External hard drives are used quite frequently in this high technological era. Unfortunately, most external hard drives can get easily damaged or corrupted due to many reasons. Regular backups of your important data is the best way to protect your data against a catastrophic data loss. But total protection is not always possible since there are many situations where your external hard drive can get damaged or fail. Recovering important data from such external hard drives is a quite delicate process. Improper handling will cause you to lose all the important data for good. This could cause a disastrous situation especially if your data goes to the wrong hand. This is why, you need to consult an external data recovery service immediately.

external hard drive - how to recover data from itAn external hard drive recovery service should employ the best technicians who are capable of recovering data from damaged, failing or corrupted external hard disks. There are a few things to look for when hiring an external hard drive recovery service. Some of the most important things are listed below.

The effectiveness of the service is one of the most important things to consider when hiring an external hard drive recovery service. In fact, you cannot risk losing extremely crucial data due to the inefficiency of the service provider you choose. You will need to check the service’s average success rate for file recovery before hiring them. The best service providers will have high success rates in recovering data from a damaged external disk drive.

A professional service provider should be able to offer comprehensive recovery solutions that would cater to individuals as well as businesses. They should deal with a variety of data loss problems such as damaged drives, failed drives and virus infections. These services should also be able to restore data from various other media such as servers, flash media and much more.

Recovering data from a damaged external hard drive require great craftsmanship from highly trained technicians. They should follow stringent quality control methods and perform the operation in certified clean rooms. The recovered data should be treated with total confidentiality, especially financial records and other important company information. The service provider should be able to produce a confidentiality agreement before starting the operation of recovery.

If you are looking for a professional recovery service for your damaged external hard drive don’t hesitate to contact our team at Data Recovery Hospital and let us take care of your lost files no matter what caused the data loss. We are able to recover your data from the most unlikely disasters. Your files are in safe hands with us.


What We Should Know About RAID Data Recovery

It’s easy enough to tell by the name that RAID data recovery has something to do with recovering lost data but if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what RAID means.

The term RAID means Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It’s one form of technology which combines the multiple components of a multiple disk drive into one logical unit for data redundancy and to improve the performance of the drive. RAID protects prevents the total and non-recoverable corruption of files.

RAID is configured into different levels and each level affects how data is recovered and how much of that data can be recovered. The different RAID configurations are JBOD, 1, 0, 5, nested RAID, among others. You will plenty of information online on the differences between them.

What we should know about RAID data recovery

RAID data recovery is a complex process and you will need to enlist the help of data recovery services that have RAID engineers in its payroll. As it is, the configuration does affect the process of data recovery, however, experienced professionals would know how to recover data regardless of configuration.

In order for the process to begin, you need to have your disk manually checked, although there are instances where remote data recovery is possible through remote desktop.

If you need to have RAID data recovery done, the first thing you really need to do is to look for data recovery companies. As with anything else, not all services are created alike and there are companies that do a better job than others. Obviously, you will want to work with a company that has a high recovery rate and extensive experience in working on different configurations. The price should be the least of your concerns, especially when very important data has been lost.

How much it would cost to have your data recovered will really depend on several factors, including RAID configuration level, the failure scenario, the amount of data to be recovered and how badly damaged the drive is.

Engineers typically make clones of each RAID array before performing any repairs. This is very important because it increases the chances of full data recovery.

If you are looking for a professional RAID service fill out the online contact form on the right or call 0800 999 3282 for expert advice and help. Talk with the Data Recovery Hospital team, tell us what the problem is and let us find a solution for you.

If you notice any damage to your RAID system, you should limit further damage by turning off the server. By keeping the power down, you also increase your chances of making a full recovery. Do NOT attempt to rebuild damaged RAID array because it might only make things worse.

When You Need Emergency Data Recovery

When You Need Emergency Data RecoveryData stored in computers, laptops, and servers can sometimes get compromised by mistake or some other unforeseen means.  Luckily, there are companies that are dedicated to carrying out emergency data recovery for individuals, small businesses, or even big Fortune 500 firms.  No task is too small or too big for companies that provide such services.  Data recovery technicians specialize in investigation and use appropriate technology to salvage your data.  Here are some of the reasons why you may need the services of professional recovery engineers.

1.  Computer or laptop crash.  Urgent data recovery may be performed when data is lost because of a computer virus or hardware failure that caused your PCs or laptops to crash.  Do not worry about not being able to recover important employee information or research documents and files that you have been keeping in your computer.  You can easily rescue your data with the help of a data recovery specialist.

2.  Accidental formatting and wrong partition.  Formatting your computer or laptop accidentally will not totally erase your data.  Similarly, if you have assigned a wrong drive for partition and lost important data, a recovery technician can help you get them back.  You may even opt to do the recovery on your own with the help of the same technician.  They can allow you to access a dedicated site or software that they own and walk you through DIY data recovery.

3.  Damaged repository or hardware.  Another instance where you may need critical data recovery is when your hard drive gets physically damaged.  Technicians may try to repair your damaged hardware and subsequently, recover and back up your lost data the way they would recover data from a working hard drive.  Additionally, you do not need to worry about overwriting on existing data because they will use a separate drive to duplicate your data for security.  When this happens, invest in a new or better hard drive, even if the technicians will get your old one to work again.

4.  Forensic recovery.  If you need to recover data from either a working or a damaged drive or hardware to assist authorities in crime investigation, look for a professional data recovery service provider that can help you rescue needed data and one that can be discreet about confidential information.

These are the top reasons why you may need to hire an emergency data recovery service.  To ensure that loss of data will not happen again, always back up your data and also make sure that your important hard drives and repositories are encrypted to prevent information and identity theft as well.  Always choose a reliable service provider that will protect the integrity of your data like their own.  There are plenty of companies that provide such service over the internet, but always go for those that are reputable and have been in the industry for many years.  Most of these trustworthy companies offer their own recovery software to help you get your data back on your own.  However, it is highly recommended to try their service first before doing the recovery unaided.

Whatever the problem is, regardless of what caused it or what type of storage system is involved, Data Recovery Hospital is here for you. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond and restore your vital data to you so that you can get back to business as normal. Get in contact now either by calling our support number @ 0800 999 3282 or fill in the online form on the right of this page and let us take care of your lost data.

The Importance Of Choosing A Good Data Recovery Company

With so much business taking place online and on computers, having a good data recovery company on call is a must. Digital data can vanish in an instant, and if you do not take the proper precautions, irreplaceable data can be lost forever. Fortunately, a good data recovery firm can often resurrect your data without a great deal of effort.

Of course, it is important that you back up your data on a regular basis so that you will always have extra copies of your most important files on hand. This way, if the hard disk on your PC crashes or your tablet is damaged, you can simply use these backup files to recover your data. However, there are times when more work may need to be done to recover a lost file.

For example, many businesses do not have the resources to run daily, or even weekly, backups. They may also only back up certain files that are judged to be most important. If your PC goes down in between backups, or if you lose a file that has not been backed up, this is where the data recovery firm can be of great help.

Many people assume that once a hard disk crashes, the information on it is gone forever. In fact, a skilled technician can recover an enormous amount of data, even from a hard disk that is badly damaged. With the right tools and techniques, they will be able to restore your files so that you can have access to your data again.

As soon as you discover that your PC or other device is having a problem, you should get in touch with the data recovery company. The sooner they get started, the sooner you will have access to your files again. In many cases, restoring your data is a job that can be done quite quickly, so you may have your PC up and running again within a few hours.

If you have experienced a more serious problem, it may take the company longer to get things working again. Try to be patient. Remember, this is a difficult job that has to be done properly if you are going to recover your data. If you try to rush the job, you may end up just making things worse.

Choosing The Best Data Recovery Company

When you are looking for a good data recovery company, make sure that they have a lot of experience in the field. It is also important to choose a company that specializes in your particular type of device. A company that focuses on Macs, for example, might not be the best choice for recovering data from an Android tablet.

Digital data may seem ephemeral, but it is actually stored physically on your PC or tablet. Because of this, a skilled data recovery technician can often restore the files from even a badly-damaged drive. When you need help getting your data back, be sure to choose the right firm for the job.

Whatever the problem is, regardless of what caused it or what type of storage system is involved, DataRecoveryHospital is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond and restore your vital data to you so that you can get back to business as normal. Get in contact now using the contact information on the right.

Emergency Weekend Recovery Service of Fried SSD

Depending on the situation and application there are many reasons to use SSD (Solid Stata ) drives, but only if you have a robust data backup plan. Although we as a data recovery company are leaders in NAND flash and SSD recovery success rates we don’t actually use many SSD except for research purposes and in things like .

The chances of recovering a normal hard drive after a power surge is much greater than that of an SSD. One way around the problems with SSD failing more readily because of power spikes is to use a pair of SSD’s in RAID 1 configuration (mirrored pair). But as previously stated what happens if both the drives suffer an over voltage and the controller and components are left fried ?

In a recent situation an aerial survey mission overseas left a client with two SSD’s in theory with two identical sets of critical production data but both SSD damaged and inaccessible. After a long haul flight into the UK of one of the drives into the secure R3 labs for emergency data recovery it was found that a power surge had fried a number of components. All data recovered and the security and protection of the data ensured at all times.

The review was very kindly left.

R3 Data Recovery were unbelievably fast in their response to our query and even faster when it came to actual work being completed. They came with quotation within minutes from sending an email and assured us that all the effort will be taken to meet our needs and deadline. They have recovered all sensitive survey data from an encrypted SSD disk over the weekend and have communicated thoroughly


2014 The busiest year for the R3 Data Recovery team due to New Year storms

For all data recovery labs there is a general level of workload throughout the year. Storage devices are not designed to fail but for most drives that come in for recovery they have been affected by outside interference.

As such the data recovery team operates much like a hospital with a general ward and an accident and emergency service. In a previous post we described how 2013 had been very busy due to lightening / thunderstorms, resulting in R3 increasing its spare capacity to ensure production levels could be maintained at the fastest turnaround times, whilst still supporting those with severely degraded drives needing long term imaging.

The data recovery hospitals main lab in Sheffield is one of the highest capacity labs in Europe and possibly the largest in the UK but even with additional capacity last Summer the new year of 2014 resulted in hundreds of hard drives and dozens of servers being affected and we have had the busiest 4 months period on record.

With servers for business and schools, SSD and hard drives and memory sticks for home users and students all affected by power outages we have seen a constant flow of new work.

Many times there are backups but even the back up servers were affected and its not until a failure is it realised that critical data needs recovering.

Despite planning to have spare capacity it has meant we have been unable to even spare time for articles like this for the website or even to ask for reviews of our services but we have made plans to change this.

The redevelopment of Security House is planned over the summer months but in the meantime we are looking to add to our capacity and will be recruiting another technician to join the R3 Team. Get in touch if you have at least 5 years experience in data recovery and would like to be part of what is building into the UK’s most productive data recovery operation. Call 0333 123 3282 or 0800 999 3282 and talk to Andy Butler