Emergency Weekend Recovery Service of Fried SSD

Depending on the situation and application there are many reasons to use SSD (Solid Stata ) drives, but only if you have a robust data backup plan. Although we as a data recovery company are leaders in NAND flash and SSD recovery success rates we don’t actually use many SSD except for research purposes and in things like .

The chances of recovering a normal hard drive after a power surge is much greater than that of an SSD. One way around the problems with SSD failing more readily because of power spikes is to use a pair of SSD’s in RAID 1 configuration (mirrored pair). But as previously stated what happens if both the drives suffer an over voltage and the controller and components are left fried ?

In a recent situation an aerial survey mission overseas left a client with two SSD’s in theory with two identical sets of critical production data but both SSD damaged and inaccessible. After a long haul flight into the UK of one of the drives into the secure R3 labs for emergency data recovery it was found that a power surge had fried a number of components. All data recovered and the security and protection of the data ensured at all times.

The review was very kindly left.

R3 Data Recovery were unbelievably fast in their response to our query and even faster when it came to actual work being completed. They came with quotation within minutes from sending an email and assured us that all the effort will be taken to meet our needs and deadline. They have recovered all sensitive survey data from an encrypted SSD disk over the weekend and have communicated thoroughly

Source: http://www.r3datarecovery.com/news/entry/emergency_weekend_recover


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