Why Donor Drives Are Useful

When drives with mechanical issues or electronic issues are sent into the lab we automatically know in advance that a donor drive will be needed, if a drive has a damaged or failed head, if it’s stiction or if there is a certain issue with the PCB of the drive.

Some people may think of donor drives as “scrap” or “not worth using anymore”, but here we gain a lot of use out of them.

The main drive manufacturer that always seem to have mechanical faults is Seagate. We get a lot of Seagate drives that have failed and most of the time the faults are mechanical but luckily, we have a lot of Seagate donors in our stock to rectify this.

In this situation, if it is a Seagate drive and needs a head swap then we would browse our stock and match what we know needs to match for the donor drive to be compatible with the patient drive. The knowledge of matching donor drives has taken many years to perfect. However, with new drives and revisions of drives coming out all the time it will never be fully perfected.

R3 Donor drive store room

All our in-house donors are put through tests to make sure they are up to standard and they aren’t faulty or about to fail. This prevents any further damage happening to the patient drive.

If you think your drive is mechanically failed and would like a free over the phone assessment from one of our sales team, get in contact on 0800 999 3282 or alternatively email us at [email protected]


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