Interesting facts From Our Data Recovery Lab

Like everyone, here at R3 Data Recovery we find interesting facts well.. Interesting; and when not rebuilding faulty hard drives in our cleanroom or piecing back together multi disk raid arrays a little distraction to rest our weary brains is always welcome.

Here are a few geeky facts that we would like to share with you that we found entertaining:

  1. When you next complain about how much space your computer takes up at home and untidy the wires just take a moment to imagine the world’s first commercial computer the ENIAC that weighed more than 27 tons and occupied 1800 square feet!
  2. The first computer mouse was said to have been invented back in 1964 and believe it or not it was made from wood.. (Yes we are still scratching our heads over this one)
  3. When you next think why is my antivirus always updating surely they can’t be that many computer viruses out there… well yes there are and new ones being invented all the time an amazing 5000 every month.

Interesting stuff ehh :)


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