A Dog’s Dinner

They say a goat will try to eat pretty much anything it smells, but when your pet tries to eat a memory card from a camera that’s when you call R3 data recovery for help.

Dent from the dog's tooth in the plastic casing of the SD Card

When a customer had removed a SD card from their camera and placed it down on the sofa at their side the family pet dog grasped the opportunity to have a play picking the card up in its mouth… The card was quickly retrieved from the pet’s jaws but a dent from a tooth was visible in the plastic casing.

All flash memory devices use Nand chipsThe damage to the plastic casing turned out to be more than superficial and once this packaging was removed the printed circuit board was heavily damaged and the only option to remove the single component that holds the precious data that is the Nand flash memory chip.

All flash memory devices use Nand chips to store the data and even though these have a very robust construction they can’t withstand flexing or pressure from sharp objects and unfortunately in this customer’s case the outcome wasn’t good because the nand chip had a fracture to one side.

We tried to read the Nand chip but wasn’t able to get any response from it. This is indeed a sad story but you would be surprised how many damaged flash devices R3 data recovery do recover so it’s always worth a try by giving us a call.


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