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Drobo FS DRDS2A31 5-Bay NAS EnclosureData Robotics offers a novel line of servers known as “Drobo Servers”. In fact, the company is regarded as one of the most innovative server companies in the world today. Drobo Servers come with exceptional versatility and stability, and they are available as NAS, SAN, or RAID. The new generations of Data Robotics devices cater to a new mix of RAID levels know as BeyondRAID. This device allows to setup drives with different sizes in a RAID-like configuration. It comes with redundancy that permits up to three drive failures. The parity calculation will vary depending on the number and size of member drives.

BeyondRAID makes the Drobo devices quite flexible as well as easy to maintain. The devices also present some important challenges for data recovery professionals. In fact, slippage and data alignment may create significant obstructions. R3 has been able to design special software utilities for Drobo in order to allow for excellent success rates when logical and physical issues occur. The Drobo devices available today cater to typical types of redundancy, and they support many different configurations to match the specific requirements of the consumer. This is what has made the Drobo device a popular choice with home computing networks and small businesses.

Emergency Drobo NAS Storage Device & RAID Recovery Services

Data loss is quite rare on Data Robotics devices. This is because their built-in redundancy helps the user to avoid common setbacks from issues such as single drive failure. But similar to any other server, Drobo box can fail completely, or several hard drives can fail before replacements are made. Our company offers a full range of data recovery services on all Data Robotics products.

Planning – Drobo Data Recovery

The configuration, size and the number of drives in your Drobo server have an enormous effect on the technique of recovery that we use. We may require the drives to be shipped to the closest laboratory depending on the situation. In our laboratory, we use advanced data recovery methods to recover all damaged hard-drives inside our class five clean rooms. First, we make a clone of each good drive and failed drive. This permits us to employ various methods to recover the data without any unwanted risks to the disks. All the methods we use are 100% non-destructive.

When the damaged hard drives are recovered, the server is rebuilt on-site using a combination of high-tech hardware and visualization software. This addresses any corruption issues that can occur during the Drobo server’s failure. This will result in a full recovery of all the data in the server under most circumstances. The recovered data is transferred to return media afterward.

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Error Messages On Drobo RAID

The error messages on Robotics devices can differ depending on the OS used by the client. Most of the drive administration are handled by the device itself which is a salient feature of the Drobo system. Because of this, the user need not worry about any sort of monitoring software. The LEDs located on the front of the Drobo will indicate whether you are experiencing any problem with a particular hard drive. If you notice a blinking red LED, it indicates a failure in one of Drobo’s hard drives. You need to replace a failed drive as quickly as possible if you want to avoid data loss. If there are multiple drives that have failed, the Drobo may not display any data. It may even fail to display on your system.

The RAID-similar setup that is provided by the systems can make data recovery on the Drobo a bit complex. But the chances of recovery on a Drobo is much higher compared to other common devices. You need to gather as much information as possible such as the sizes of the disks attached to the Drobo’s for this purpose. You will also need to know when these disks were added to the system.

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Data Robotics Data Recovery Tips

In order to reduce potential downtime as well as maximize the chances of recovery, you need to shut down the Data Robotics device as soon as you find data loss issues. This will prevent accidental overwrites. If you find that a hardware failure is responsible for data loss, you should shut down the server immediately to prevent the worsening of the hardware’s condition. You should never try to rebuild a failed SAN, RAID, or NAS system if you are not familiar with the symptoms of it or if more than a single drive is unresponsive.

Most Data Robotics situations will result in a full data recovery. You need to provide our engineers with all the important information about the device and its symptoms. This will help them design a unique plan for the recovery project. It may help you by working with your budget and time constraints. Give important information such as:

  • Hardware or firmware failure
  • Hard disk or SSD failure
  • User error – NAS re-configuration
  • Power issues or disconnection issues during firmware updates

All the aforementioned cases make it possible to recover the data with a high success rate of more than 97% in one of our labs. Drobo devices would support different storage configurations which will provide the end-user with different data protection levels. Single drive failure would cause single share folder issues.

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We recover data from all Proware devices such as:

  • Drobo Server
  • DroboElite
  • DroboPro
  • Drobo S
  • Drobo
  • Drobo 5D and 5N
  • Drobo Mini
  • Drobo B800fs
  • Drobo B800i
  • Drobo B1200i

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