R3 disaster recovery services for Virtual Machines

EMC RAID Data & Disaster Recovery Services

EMC XtremioA professional and reliable resource for recovery of EMC RAID data is R3. We are RAID specialists who have recovered files from many hundreds of arrays every year. In addition, our engineers are able to effectively treat all scenarios of failure while still maintaining security controls of the highest quality.

EMC is offering storage systems and products which are enterprise-level. This includes quite a few RAID arrays that are using RAID-S, a proprietary RAID technology. Similar to RAID 5, this technology offers better performance when used with some applications.

EMC storage systems are also able to support other RAID levels with the company having a solid reputation for availability and reliability. When there are RAID failures, the probably reasons for the loss of data might be hardware failures, user error, accidental deletion, hard drive losses past redundancy and data corruption.

Emergency EMC Data Recovery Services

R3 is able to offer services for professional data recovery of RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and RAID S. It also includes all other RAID levels. We have many decades of combined experience and our recovery team is able to work with each of the popular EMC storage systems.

We are able to offer EMC data recovery for systems including:

  • VNX and VNXe
  • Symmetrix VMAX and Symmetrix VMAXe
  • Celerra
  • CLARiiON
  • Isilon and More
  • Iomega RAID

The engineers at R3 are also experienced with VPLEX, VMware and other platforms for virtualization. This will allow for high success rates of data recovery and for fast turnaround times, especially for the newer systems. We offer EMC diagnostics for data recovery free for all SAN, NAS and RAID systems. So be sure to call us today if you would like to schedule an evaluation.

Reliable Results with Professional EMC Data Recovery

To give the best EMC data recovery services, we use the latest technologies and techniques. We regularly invest in continuing staff training and our laboratory to maintain an overall 96 percent excellent success rate.

R3 lab with clean room

Steps to Take When There Is An EMC RAID Failure

If you have a failure of your EMC storage system, do not try to treat data corruption issues with software or rebuilt the RAID with software. It is important that experienced RAID recovery specialists give EMC systems prompt attention. Make note of any LED indicators or error messages that came before the failure and make contact with data recovery professionals as soon as you can.

R3 is able to offer at-risk diagnostics for all of the EMC systems. This includes the CLARiiON and Symmetrix series. Within a day of the arrival of your media, we can give you a free price quote along with an estimated turnaround time and a summary of the reasons your RAID failed.

When you are working with R3, you will have a choice of a number of turnaround levels. These include our top notch 24/7/365 emergency services that are a great way to restore your system in a cost effective way. With advanced laboratory technology and state-of-the-art security, we are the best option available for recovery of EMC data. To get more information or to get started, contact our team.

Call R3 at 0800 999 3282 to speak with one of our Plextor NAS data recovery specialists.



We recover data from all EMC storage devices such as:

  • EMC XtremIO Series
  • EMC VMAX Series
  • EMC VNX Series
  • EMC VNXe Series
  • EMC VNX-VSS Series
  • EMC vVNX Series
  • EMC VNX Gateway Series
  • EMC Isilon S-Series
  • EMC Isilon X-Series
  • EMC Isilon NL-Series
  • EMC Isilon HD-Series
  • EMC IsilonSD

What Does a REAL Data Recovery Lab Look Like?


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