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Ingrasys 4600T NAS deviceClients in Asia, Europe, and the Americas are buying from the selection of NAS devices offered by Ingrasys. Typically, these use a JBOD or RAID 5 configuration in the NAS appliances which provide a large amount of storage for businesses in the small to medium-sized range.

The Ingrasys NAS devices are capable of failure, just like any other type of storage system. When failure happens, it results in data loss that can be costly to the company. On every Ingrasys NAS, no matter which type of operating system it has or how it is configured, we fully support data recovery services.

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Emergency Ingrasys NAS Storage Device Recovery Services

Event Logs And Error Messages On Ingrasys NAS Devices

Typically, NAStorage management tools that are web-based are used in NAS devices. In order to look for why data was lost, your system administrator can look for error messages or any alerts by loading the device log or system log in NAStorage. When you are attempting data recovery, this can be quite helpful because it helps our engineers estimate the turnaround time and an accurate price for your case.

After opening NAStorage, click the option “Event and Log” to open your system log. Look in the device and system logs for critical events. To narrow the search down, use the drop down menu on the screen’s upper right side and look for events that were logged as warnings or errors by selecting them.

In these logs, you will find serious events such as failed hard drives and overheating. In the configuration of the RAID array, you can also see indications of failure caused by a user’s error or another unexpected cause.

However, you may find that there is nothing in the Ingrasys event logs, but a data loss has occurred. Corrupted data is a common example of this situation. In Explorer windows, you may find that folders or files have suddenly disappeared, or are available but not accessible. If this is happening, immediately turn the array off and call a R3 engineer on our freephone 0800 999 3282.

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No redundancy is provided in Ingrasys NAS devices using a JBOD configuration, which means that regular backups must be scheduled. Data loss happens when a failure on a single hard drive on a JBOB occurs. If you have experienced a drive failure and you Ingrasys NAS uses JBOD, under no circumstances should you try any RAID procedures or turn the NAS on in an attempt to recover your data. In this type of scenario, full data recovery is likely. However, if the NAS continues to operate after the failure, the likelihood of full recovery decreases.

Ingrasys NAS Systems Data Recovery Technology

While using the storage server, look for and make note of any data loss indications that are/were showing up on your Ingrasys NAS including logged events. error messages, banner alerts, or other odd behavior. In addition, if you have taken any action to attempt a data recovery, make a note. If you have attempted to rebuild a failed RAID, you should note this as well as the results. Any attempt to rebuild or restart a failed NAS can impede the process of data recovery.

Give us a call and one of our trained RAID engineers will ask you questions about the failure and discuss our recovery procedures with you. We can often be able to give you an estimate of the turnaround time and the general cost over the phone, since our engineers have worked with hundreds of server cases.

However, in order to provide a quote that is fixed and firm, we will need to evaluate your Ingrasys NAS’s hard drives in our lab. Generally, we only require the hard drives and do not require any other hardware from the NAS. Our engineer will walk you through the process of packaging and shipping the drives. We will quickly complete an evaluation once the drives are received. We will not start work until after you have approved both the turnaround time and the price of the data recovery job.


Because we are well aware of the importance of server data to our clients, we expedite every server recovery case by using an on-site Class 5 clean room and the latest techniques for data recovery. All of a services are guaranteed with a no charge policy if we don’t recover any data, and use the most effective and innovative techniques for NAS devices in the industry.

Since 1998, we have worked on hundreds of Ingrasys servers and are known for our world-class NAS recovery services. For most Ingrasys NAS serviers, our recovery rates are near 99%. Using our priority services, many cases can be completed and returned to our clients in less than two days.

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We recover data from all Ingrasys devices such as:

  • Ingrasys 4220TS-C
  • Ingrasys 4200RS-C
  • Ingrasys 4220TS-P
  • Ingrasys 4200RS-P
  • Ingrasys 8220TR-C
  • Ingrasys 8220RR-C
  • Ingrasys 8220TR-P
  • Ingrasys 8220RR-P
  • Ingrasys 4420RS
  • Ingrasys 8420RR
  • Ingrasys 4520T
  • Ingrasys 4520R
  • Ingrasys 4600T
  • Ingrasys 4600U
  • Ingrasys 8520C
  • Ingrasys 8520R
  • Ingrasys 4525
  • Ingrasys 12600U
  • Ingrasys 12620U
  • Ingrasys 1200J
  • Ingrasys 7600J

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