RAID Data Recovery Process

RAID Data Recovery Process

If your RAID has failed and time is critical  Call 0800 999 3282 or use the contact form. Emergency and priority services call 079 3282 4264, Data Recovery Hospital treats all RAID recoveries as extremely high priority, collection of your server or failed disks can be within 60 minutes of your call –  day or night 365 days of the year.

The first step is to establish whether or not the storage device needs to come to our market-leading laboratory facilities. If so, we will look to create an image of the accessible data onto new media, so that we can perform a logical analysis to understand the exact nature of the data loss problem.  We can repair, recover and restore data 7 days a week and routinely restore failed RAID arrays and servers within 24-48 hours if required.

If any files are inaccessible, our lab will exhaustively test each of the components to determine whether or not there has been any physical damage. Typical components that can cause mechanical failure include read / write heads, electronics, drive motors, head assemblies and magnets.

In the event that any of the components have failed, or been damaged, we will replace them in our ISO 3 clean room . We will then use specialist hardware and software to create a raw image of the data to be recovered.

If data has been lost due to a logical problem, our data recovery engineers will examine the low-level data sectors to establish the layout of volumes which are striped over more than one drive. They will also work out the fixes that are needed to the filesystem structures, to enable access to the missing data.

We will ‘de-stripe’ multiple drive servers to enable filesystems to be repaired, so that the lost data files can be restored. In the event that the filesystem structures are missing or damaged to the point of being useless, we will look to extract the data directly from the destriped image.

Over time, our data recovery programmers have built a suite of bespoke tools that allow our engineers to analyse, de-stripe, fix, and recover data from, raw images from pretty much any operating system.

When the data has been successfully recovered, we will provide a complete file list so that you are able to establish that we have been successful in restoring all lost files.


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