Data Recovery Services

We are committed to providing our clients with the most effective data recovery solutions as quickly as possible in order to minimise the disruption that can be caused by serious and sudden data loss. For full details on our 24/7 availability, complete confidentiality and other policies, visit our home page.

Our data recovery services include:

  • Hard drive recovery: Mechanical faults and logical corruption can occur in any type of hard disk, rendering hard drives inoperable and separating you from critical data. The Data Recovery Hospital is ready to help provide a swift and successful solution to your hard drive failure, whatever severity of the situation. Check our list of supported hard disk drives that we can recover data from to ensure your brand is listed, if it is not simply call us for more information.
  • Data recovery: We understand that your data can be of critical importance to you and time is often of the essence to allow you to regain full access to it. Whatever storage medium your data is kept on, we can recover it regardless of what type of problem caused the data loss in the first place. Click here for a full list of drive formats supported by our data recovery services.
  • RAID recovery: RAID recovery requires some of the most complex and delicate data recovery methods that our engineers are versed in. They are able to perform RAID recovery services on any type of RAID system that you might operate. Whatever the severity of the problem, we aim to have it solved and your RAID array back to full functionality within as little as 24 hours. For more information on our service policies, visit our home page or contact us for advice on how we can help.
  • Server recovery: Depending on the severity of the data loss problem and the urgency required for the solution, we can perform RAID recovery or any other type of server recovery services at your location and have the server operational in as little as 24 hours.

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