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If you would like to discuss your case straight away Call Free Phone 0800 999 3282. For emergencies and disaster recovery outside normal business hours call or txt 079 3282 4264.

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When comparing our services and prices with other websites offering data recovery do be sure you are dealing with a genuine team of specialists like ours.

The Data Recovery Hospital has its own industry leading time served data recovery technicians and support staff.

We do not have call centers or call handling services based outside the UK – All work is carried out by our own engineers at Security House – Call us direct on 0800 999 3282

Our prices are the best possible for the highest possible success rates on a no data no fee basis.

We offer free assessments at our main labs and callers are welcome but always call first to let us direct you in as we are located on a secure site which is locked down out of business hours.

Most degraded and electronically failed drives and memory sticks can be repaired and recovered within a few hours of work commencing we have over 99% success rate for these types of failure.

As such we manage our time by effectively selling to the highest bidder.

Service Level Options are designed to cover most eventualities, in some cases the timeframes given are exceeded if donor parts are not readily available.

We can offer a bespoke service package or contract rates for regular work, but for most work we have the following service level options:

  • Budget – This is our most popular service for home users and non time critical data. 7-10 working days – it has the same high success rates and is as fast as most standard services offered by our competitors.
  • Priority – this is our most popular fast / cost effective data recovery service for businesses, with a 4-6 day turnaround which often exceeds the emergency turnaround times of our competitors.
  • Emergency – This is a time critical service, 12-72hrs (ready for despatch as quickly as possible). It is available 24h/Day/Weekends and public holidays – A true 365 Days per year cover.

Processing time is from arrival at our lab subject to donor parts availability where needed.

Urgently needed data is available within a few hours of arrival at one of our main labs. Dedicated drivers can be at your premises or data centre within 60 minutes of your call to 0800 999 3282 Always leave a message, duty technicians are emailed missed or out of hours calls.

All mechanically failed drives sent in for recovery are first inspected in one of our ISO-3 rated clean rooms for debris, platter impact and filter contamination most are recoverable, over 88% of mechanically failed drives are recovered on the no data no fee service.

The Data Recovery Hospital has the highest possible success rates and routinely recovers drives, RAID arrays and flash memory declared unrecoverable by other data recovery labs.

We will always endeavor to meet and exceed customer expectations, on all service levels; however priority and emergency services take precedence.

Andy and the team at the R3 Data Recovery Hospital achieve industry leading turnaround times for all services levels for all clients and resellers of our services.

We achieve this by having spare capacity built into the service, R3 Data Recovery Ltd has the most imaging capacity in the UK and its facilities are used to process the work of several IT Support and Data Recovery companies in the UK and EU.

That said we are still a small company and we are kept very busy.

During times of peak demand and catastrophes like floods or area wide power outages, updates by phone and email can be less than some clients would like.

If you ever have any questions or feel you have not had an update or follow up, please call or email and always have your job reference number to hand.



What Does a REAL Data Recovery Lab Look Like?


:: EMERGENCY :: Data Recovery Services Available 24/7/365 - Call 079 3282 4264